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Improving the efficiency of PBPC collection by pre-apheresis peripheral blood and mid-apheresis product measurements of CD34 cells

Lane TA, Bashey A, Carrier E, Holman P, Castro J, Mullen M, Ward DM, Ada O, Ball ED. Cytotherapy. 2004;6(4):318-27.


Background: The adequacy of HPC collection for BMT is typically assessed by the number of CD34 cells. However, during a series of leukapheresis procedures (LP) the CD34 value on the final HPC product may not be available for testing until late evening, sometimes resulting in additional, retrospectively unnecessary, LP in order to ensure an adequate HPC collection (>5×10(6) CD34/kg). We hypothesized that an estimate of the CD34 content of HPC products prior to 16:00 h on the day of LP would permit improved HPC collection planning. We therefore assessed the effectiveness of predicting the total amount of CD34 cells that would be collected in a given LP by either (a) the concentration of CD34 cells/microL in peripheral blood prior to LP (pre-CD34) or (b) the predicted total amount of CD34 cells to be collected based on sampling the LP product at the mid-point of each LP. We also compared the number of LP per patient and total HPC collected for the study group with data from the previous calendar year.
Methods: Allogeneic and autologous BMT donors who completed a 20-L HPC collection between September 2002 and February 2003 were eligible. CD34 cells were measured on blood drawn prior to LP and from the HPC product at the mid-point (10 L) of LP. The CD34 content of the final LP was predicted by doubling the value of total CD34 cells at the mid-run (MRp-CD34). The MRp-CD34/kg and the cumulative CD34/kg collected were made available before 16:00 h and used to determine the need for additional LP. The true CD34 content of each HPC collection was also measured from the final product the next day (CD34-FP).

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