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Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly observed neurodegenerative disorder, associated with memory loss and difficulty with cognitive functions of the body.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly observed neurodegenerative disorder, associated with memory loss and difficulty with cognitive functions of the body. It can be referred to, as an adverse form of dementia that can progressively get worsen due to the death or degeneration of neurons.

Factors Responsible For Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists all over the world are working hard to get the clarification about the Alzheimer’s disease, known to undergo progressive brain cells failure. So far it has been cleared that the disease develops due to the complex results of multiple factors rather than any one particular cause. As of now, age and genetics play the major role in disease manifestations, although much research is needed to understand many other factors as well, which are contributing to its development.
The greatest risk factor for the disease is the growing age of the person. It has been suggested that the risk of developing the disease increases or doubles up to be precise after every five years. Another possible risk factor is the family history of the disease. It has been observed that if there are Alzheimer patients in your family as brothers, sisters or parents then there is increased risk of developing the disease, through either hereditary or environmental causative factors. The studies have revealed the fact that both risk genes and deterministic genes can be present in the people with family history of the disease.
There are many mentioned environmental risk factors which can be avoided such as factors that can increase the blood vessel risk including diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke which can lead to the disease.


Symptoms Associated With The Alzheimer’s Disease

In a progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, initially mild version of the symptoms are expressed, which are generally being ignored till the time they get worsen and interfere with the daily life. It is as well necessary to understand that no two Alzheimer cases are the same; their experiences with the symptoms can differ in a drastic way! Thus some of the common symptoms can be noted down as a precaution. The most typical symptom of the disease is the memory lapses with the regular intervals due to the early damage of the brain in hippocampus region, having a central role in day to day memory.
Apart from the memory issues, some of the people with the disease may also face language difficulties, difficulty in concentration, planning as well as execution, difficulty in the orientation etc. The people with the disease may also become very moody, anxious, irritable or notably depressed.

What Goes Wrong In Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the neurodegenerative disorder named after the scientist Alois Alzheimer; involving progressive death or damage of the neurons. The post mortem analysis of the brain with the disease has revealed the fact that nerve tissue has many tiny inclusions of proteins known as the Plaques and tangles, which interfere with the signalling mechanism of the brain leading to the damage of brain cells. Plaques have been observed in between the dying cells of the brain from the accumulation of protein known as the Beta Amyloid proteins. There is also reported disintegration of another protein known as the tau protein, resulting in the deposition of tangles between the axonal regions of the brain cells. These depositions can delay or halt the signalling process of the brain between the brain cells. Due to loss of work, neurons may become damaged or weak. The disease may thus progressively lead to the loss of neurons leading to the shrinkage of the total brain.

How Stem Cells Treatment Can Help!

Stem cells are the mother cells that are responsible for developing an entire human body from a tiny two celled embryo; due to their unlimited divisions and strong power to differentiate into all the cells of different lineage. This power of stem cells has been harnessed by the technology to isolate them outside the human body, concentrate in the clean environment and infused back.
Thus, stem cells treatment involves administration of concentrated cells in the targeted area, wherein they can colonize in the damaged area, adapt the properties of resident stem cells and initiate some of the lost functions that have been compromised by the disease or injury.
The loads of data accumulated from different research suggested, an evidence based differentiation of stem cells into neurons. The vasculogenetic properties of stem cells can as well lead to formation of blood vessels to improve the paracrine effect, supply of growth factors and immune cells leading to the faster recovery.

Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease At Giostar

We have mastered the technology for isolating maximum number of viable stem cells from either the autologous sources of your own body or allogeneically with the matched donor to treat various children with ASD. We are the licensed, private organization with the excellent, well equipped state of the art facility to isolate process and enrich the viable number of stem cells, which can be re infused back into the patient’s body. Generally, these cells are administered through any one of the below mentioned methods depending upon our expert’s advice:


Through this mode, cell are infused in the cerebrospinal fluid through the subarachnoid spaces of the spinal canal.



Through this mode, cells are infused through the veins to expand blood volumes in the central nervous system, to ensure that the maximum number of cells are reaching to the targeted area.

Once infused back in the body, these cells can be repopulated at the damaged parts of the brain, through their strong paracrine effects and differentiate into lost or damaged neurons or other damaged supporting cells to improve motor functions of the brain.
Thus with our standardized, broad based and holistic approach, it is now possible to obtain noticeable improvements in the patients with the Alzheimer’s Disease , in the symptoms as well as their functional abilities.

What Sets Us Apart


Disclaimer : Results may vary for each patient. GIOSTAR practice the application of stem cell therapy within the legal regulations of each country.