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Stem cell has the potential to regenerate all kind of cells of body.

Stem Cell Treatment For Anti-Aging

Stem cell has the potential to regenerate all kind of cells of body. GIOSTAR scientists have developed the technology to differentiate Stem cells into neural cell, blood cells, skin cell and hair cells. These cells may be used to replace the old cells of body with new and young cells to treat the aging related diseases.

What Sets Us Apart


Skin, Hair and Beauty IV Therapy: A Fountain of Youth

The health and appearance of your skin, hair, and other aspects of beauty are determined by the amount of essential vitamins and minerals in the body. Therefore, if your diet is lacking in certain vitamins, the appearance of your hair and skin can begin to lose their glow! This can result in skin looking older, hair thinning, and nail beds breaking easily.

The specialists at GIOSTAR India are proud to offer their own “Fountain of Youth” IV Therapy. This formula is concentrated with the most important vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin, strong nails, and beautiful hair.

How Does the Fountain of Youth IV Therapy Work?

The most effective way to introduce vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream is via intravenous injection. Once in the bloodstream, this carefully crafted IV mixture is absorbed and distributed throughout the body. This enables the body to effectively use the new supply of vitamins to give your hair and skin a healthy glowing appearance.

Ingredients in the Fountain of Youth IV Therapy:

  •  B-5
  •  B-Complex
  •  Vitamin C
  •  Glutathione

The IV process is easy and quick, administered by a medical professional, and set in a relaxing environment. Our IV rooms are private and equipped with calming music and scents, heated blankets, and complimentary.

Ideal For:

  • Individuals who notice dull skin, thinning hair, or nailbeds that break easy
  • Individuals who are looking to maintain a healthy appearance in conjunction with their skincare and hygiene routine refreshments.

Get That Healthy, Radiant Looking Appearance

If you have noticed your skin, nail, or hair health declining, it could be because of a deficiency in your diet or a genetic predisposition. Supplementing with the Fountain of Youth IV therapy is an excellent way to restore that shine and glow to your appearance that others are sure to notice!

Disclaimer : Results may vary for each patient. GIOSTAR practice the application of stem cell therapy within the legal regulations of each country.