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GIOSTAR – Top 10 Most Valuable Companies To Follow In 2022

Revolutionizing Health Care: Deven Patel

Headquartered in San Diego, California, U.S.A., the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR) was founded in 2008 to provide affordable stem cell-based therapies to people across the planet suffering from genetic diseases and unable to afford the high cost of treatment.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recognized regenerative medicine as the next evolution of medical treatments. Also known as stem cell science, this field is not without any confusion about what is and is not possible in terms of cures within this emerging space. Interestingly, all major countries have heavily invested in stem cell science by funding their major universities. By the start of the millennium, gene therapy was already established, with proper research backing it. However, at that point of time, the primary challenge was to take it to the masses, as it was a highly complex field of science.

At this juncture 22 years ago, GIOSTAR’s chairman, Dr. Anand Srivastava, started exploring various possibilities in the modern filed of stem cell science. Affiliated with the University of California San Diego Medical College, University of California Irvine Medical College, Salk Research Institute, San Diego, Burnham Institute For Medical Research, San Diego, University of California Los Angeles Medical College (UCLA), U.S.A. Dr. Srivastava was the pioneer in developing modern field of stem cell research at leading universities in the country. His early exploration in the stem cells field has led to the birth of GIOSTAR. The organization’s Co-founders, Dr. Anand Srivastava (Chairman) and Mr. Deven Patel (CEO & President), were driven by the focused vision to make this most advanced science affordable, available, and accessible to the masses around the world who are suffering from many incurable genetic and degenerative diseases and do not have access to this advance and expensive curative option.

Under the leadership of the Chairman Dr. Anand Srivastava and CEO, Mr. Deven Patel, GIOSTAR is working to develop stem cell transplant programs for four different state governments in India, with more than 155 million population. Before GIOSTAR, Mr. Patel served as the C.E.O., President, and Board of Directors in several highly comprehensive industries like healthcare, stem cell research, architecture, general construction, multifaceted internet industries, and alternative energy.

As an organization, GIOSTAR owes its profound success to both of its founders, working tirelessly for over two decades. Dr. Srivastava’s unique background and massive experience in stem cell biology, protein biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, etc., coupled with Mr. Patel’s unwavering passion and total commitment to the organization’s vision, has proved to be pivotal in GIOSTAR’s success. This eventually led to the U.S.A. Congressional Recognition to both the founders for their efforts in spreading the advancement of stem cell science across the globe. They were also awarded the Asian Heritage Award for their business leadership in stem cell science. The Society of American Asian Scientists in Cancer Research(SAASCR) also honored Dr. Srivastava for his pionering contribution in the field of cancer research with their prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award for 2020.

Tackling the Pandemic

GIOSTAR is one of the first private companies in the world to get USA FDA approval in April 2020 to treat Covid-19 patients with its proprietary stem cell treatment under the US FDA Compassionate Use Program to treat acute inflammation of the lungs in hospitalized patients. Dr. Srivastava suggests, the initial data is promising for the use of stem cells as a viable option for critically ill Covid-19 patients and those suffering from several post-Covid complications. The organization is also preparing for a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial to understand the measurable outcome of stem cell treatments in cases of post-Covid complications.

Social incidences like the great resignation, increased inflation, and quiet quitting are acting as economic disorders that further add to the already high cost of training medical professionals. Additionally, several other factors like shortage of skilled medical staff and investments required to develop new therapeutic agents getting out of control resulting in significantly high medical care costs.

GIOSTAR believes that the modern healthcare system focuses primarily on buying time to let the body heal itself; in other words, not many interventions are curative. Modern medicine treats specific diseases or organs as individual parts of the body, a very ineffective way to treat any medical condition. So, the entire healthcare system needs to change its approach, view the entire body as a unit, and develop therapies appropriately. This approach will pave a better way for finding effective cures for several diseases, primarily degenerative diseases.

Stem cells, being master cells of the body, are not only the unit of life but are also building blocks of the body. Because of this inherent nature, stem cells help repair damaged organs in a very systematic manner. In GIOSTAR’s scientific view, stem cells are the best treatment options for addressing several metabolic diseases and could be the least expensive treatment options.

Leading the Market and Innovation

GIOSTAR’s pioneering research has proved to the world the significance of stem cells for developing therapeutic approaches for several kinds of degenerative diseases. The peer-reviewed scientific research manuscripts on these therapies have been published in several respected medical journals.

GIOSTAR’s fundamental approach focuses on compassion to heal people from multiple incurable and devastating diseases. According to Dr. Srivastava, GIOSTAR does not see much competition as it provides cutting-edge research-based treatments, and others may take years to come close to what the GIOSTAR team has achieved. He says, “Our edge in the field is our pioneering and ground-breaking research work in the field of stem cell science, cancer research, and gene therapy for over 20 years”.

On the other hand, GIOSTAR CEO Mr. Patel shared a few of his thoughts on the commercial perspective of regenerative medicine development. He says, “The scientific research businesses are very competitive, both at a very high level of science and at the very high cost of doing it. Therefore, a simple advice to life science entrepreneurs is to narrow down your lucrative target research area and try to reach the finish line before you run out of money; otherwise, it is very easy to bankrupt the company in this highly inflated economy.”

As an organization, GIOSTAR plans to scale up its operations, keeping volatile markets in mind. Pertaining to its stable finances, the company’s pipeline of several technologies is very robust and in line with its projections. GIOSTAR is positioned to be the largest stem cell research and therapy provider.


At its core, GIOSTAR has been a research organization for over two decades. It has strategically and consistently invested in developing several of its scalable stem cell platforms, including,

  • Post Covid-19 Treatment Technology
  • Red Blood Cell Technology
  • Diabetes Treatment Technology
  • Cancer Technology
  • Stem Cell-based Skincare Technology
  • Anti-Aging Technology

The organization is now making these stem cell technology companies public in the U.S.A., U.K., and E.U. stock markets. It is also planning to raise significant investments from institutional investors for clinical trials of its mature technologies. It has licensed its technology and created GIOWORLD Health Ltd. in the U.K., GIOWORLD Health Europe Ltd. in the European Union, and Celebration Life Sciences in the U.S.A. These companies will conduct several clinical trials in their respective jurisdiction using GIOSTAR’s proprietary stem cell technology platform.


Ref: Top 10 Most Valuable Companies to Follow in 2022 for Revolutionizing Healthcare

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